About sweDISHnyc...

sweDISHnyc was started by Ulrika Bengtsson and Gisela Nelson.

Ulrika is a New York City based chef with her culinary platform being traditional Swedish cooking techniques. These being mixed with influences from the vast selection of cuisines, tastes and flavors of New York City, her hometown for more than 30 years. Ulrika ran her own restaurant in Manhattan for 7 years.

Gisela is a Swedish designer & caterer. New York based as well. Her specialty is Swedish and Scandinavian food. She is also the creative mind behind the aesthetics of sweDISHnyc. Gisela ran a fashion- and home design company for many years.

sweDISHnyc started with the objective to prepare sustainable and well made "Scandinavian Feasts" for the US market.

Their debut product "Swedish Christmas in a Box"- was a great success.

Other special occasions for which a tailor made sweDISHnyc food-box are available are Easter, Midsummer, Crayfish season and other celebrations.

In addition to the special occasion boxes, sweDISHnyc has an Al'a Cart Menu with several classic Scandinavian dishes such as Swedish meatballs, Jansson's Temptation, Skagen shrimp salad and Smörrebröd-traditional open faced sandwiches.

sweDISHnyc also offers catering for all various occasions and sizes. Both corporate and private

sweDISHnyc takes pride in mainstreaming sustainability in all aspects of the work.

A clear focus on using locally grown vegetables and produce as well as collaborate with other local Swedish businesses.

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sweDISHnyc has the pleasure to collaborate with other Swedish companies in New York.

BonBon Swedish candy, Unna Bakery for cookies, Håkan chocolatier & Fabrique Bakery for bread. For our Midsummer box we had a fantastic collaboration with Milene Jardine.